Can scar tissue be removed from an ear lobe and can the lobe be reduced in size?


I have very thick pudgy ear lobes, especially my right ear. On that particular lobe I have had a recurring keloid. I was told I have this constant issue with the keloid because of the lobes thickness. Can anything be done so that I can wear earrings again? My current hole closed because a baby pulled out my earring, causing the keloid to shift. I wasn't able to get the earring back in before it healed up. I had to constantly keep an earring in the hole to keep it open.



Your history leads one to believe that you may not have true keloids but a thickened earlobe due to hypertrophic scarring. Also, it is not uncommon to have "pudgy" earlobes without a scarring problem. Regardless, earlobes can be debulked and reduced in size,sometimes compression and/or kenalog may be necessary while the earlobes are healing. Once the earlobes have completely healed they can be carefully repierced with studs and hopefully kept away from the baby.

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