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Significant weight loss. Should I wait or should I do it now?


I have lost 126 pounds over 2 years, I did not have weight loss surgery and I want to lose 34 more pounds. My general physician suggested that I should consider breast reduction surgery and a tummy tuck now. I do have considerable back pain and rashes under the breasts and tummy skin and have to use powder. Should I wait or should I do it now?



 With massive weight loss it is can best to wait until your weight has been completely stable for at least 6 months before surgery. Continued significant weight loss after surgery can and does result for the need for addition corrective surgery. Hope this is of assistance. 


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS​


I would get to the desired weight if able.  The extent of surgery can change and the amount of skin can increase.  It is worth the wait, however, if you can not achieve this then have the surgery.

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