I'm size 34ddd and my surgeon is planning on removing 800gr. of breast tissue; what will that bring my bra size down to?


I am having a Breast Reduction.  I am currently a size 34DDD.  My surgeon is planning on removing 800 grams of tissue from my breasts.  What will that bring my bra size down to?


This is a difficult answer as there are many variables.  Bra manufacturers are not regulated and have different sizes.  Victoria Secret makes all their bras one size bigger for marketing purposes.  So a D for Victoria Secret is a C for most other bras.  Another point is that drooping (which you are sure to have if he is taking 800cc away) adds at least a cup size because of the fulcrum effect.  But these things being said, 800cc removed would be about 3 cup sizes, and the fulcrum effect may take it down another size.  A physical exam would be much more helpful to determine.  Ask your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon his thoughts.

Dan Mills, MD FACS


There is no way to predict your exact cup size after surgery, but with 800 grams of tissue per side, then a smaller cup should be the result. talk to your surgeon about your specific goals and get an idea from him/her to see if that is realistic. 

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Bra Size after Breast Reduction.

The best way to achieve what you want is to discuss it thoroughly with your surgeon. Because you will be a different size in bras by different manufacturers, we usually try to determine what size in proportion to your body you wish to be and resect enough tissue to achieve that result. Wearing a 34 band with the present bra sizing could mean you measure anywhere from 28-34 inches around the chest. Depending on this measurement, 800 gm. could be 4-6 bra cup sizes determined by the old standards. With the new bra measurements, this could be less. If you have discussed your desires, your surgeon should have taken this into account. Therefore, resecting 800 gm. should leave you the size you desired.


As you know, bra sizes are not standardized.  As a result, a bra labeled 34 DDD can fit a variety of women of different breast sizes, depending on the manufacturer, style of bra, and how well it fits.  This makes it difficult to accurately know your pre-op breast volume.

Very approximately though, an 800 gram reduction should make you about 3-4 cup sizes smaller.  Discuss your size goals with your surgeon in detail, prior to surgery. 

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Thomas G. S. Fiala, M.D. F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S. - View Other Answers by this Doctor
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Bra size varies from one manufacturer to another. The weight of the volume removed will depend how much fat and how much dense breast tissue is removed, and how much is left.

The agreement with your surgeon should be not how much is taken out, but how much is left and the approximate size desired after the surgery.

Bra size is not a good indicator by itself. One has to look at the entire body and amount of fat around the chest.

To feel more comfortable have another consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.


An 800 gram reduction is definitely a substantial reduction.  However bra sizes are not standardized from company to company.  I t is impossible to accurately predict exactly what your bra size will be post op.  However, it will take at least 3 months to lose the fullness at the sides.  Also, you should focus more on their appearance post op, rather than what bra size it will measure (of course there is a correlation).

Your surgeon who knows what you look like now is in the best position to tell you what to expect post op.

David Berman, MD



This will probably leave you with about a "C" cup.

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