Can skin resurfacing remove the scars from childhood chicken pox?


I had chicken pox when I was young (12 years old).  I am now almost 18 and the damage from that has left smooth discolored patches and spots on my thigh's (front and back), my buttocks and on my stomach.  Can skin resurfacing erase these or at least make them less noticeable?  I have not been able to wear short pants since this occurred.  If skin resurfacing can't help, are there any other options? Any information on this will be so helpful.


Resurfacing of the arms and trunk can often result in a less favorable appearance than prior to treatment.  Options such as scar revision, laser ablation (shrinking the scar) or other laser treatments (pulse dye, RF, etc.) may be of greater benefit.  You will require an evaluation to determine which modality would give you the best result.  Please consult one of the many members of the ASAPS that specializes in laser treatment/therapy for a better answer to your concerns.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD FACS

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