Can you tell me if the NLite is effective?


Can you tell me if the NLite is effective?


Wrinkles can be the result of many factors which can include sun damage, aging, smoking, alcohol, and hormonal changes. Basically, these changes result in the loss of collagen from the skin with subsequent loss of the smooth stability of youthful skin. Carbon dioxide and erbium lasers ablate the outer layers of skin and heat the deeper skin which results in tightening

of the underlying dermis. A pink glow to the area treated is common as it is a healing wound.

The NLite laser works by causing this inflammation only to the deeper skin (dermis) without removing the outer layer of skin. Healing substances are released following the laser treatment which stimulate new collagen production and resultant smoother skin. The advantage is limited downtime, however the long term results are still being evaluated. Your surgeon will discuss the advantages of the different treatments.

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