How much skin/tissue/fat is safe to remove in a tummy tuck?


Is there a limit to the amount removed based upon the patient's size/weight/needs?


Hi Richard, There are generally no limits to how much is removed in a tummy tuck (we have removed over 70lbs from a tummy in single operation), unlike liposuction in which safe volume limits have been described.  It is important that enough tissue is left behind to allow for a safe closure with a good cosmetic result. 


For tummy tuck surgery there is no published safety range, but as surgeons say "it's what's left behind that matters most."

The best results remove all loose skin and subcutaneous fat, so that the patient has a pleasing result, a smooth recovery and optimal healing.  Remove too much and healing problems may occur.  Remove too little and patient and surgeon won't be satisfied.

Liposuction has recommended safety limits, but these wouldn't apply to abdominoplasty.  Breast reduction sometimes has minimums that insurance companies require, but do not closely relate to relief obtained from surgery.

Most important is the selection of an experienced plastic surgeon.  Best wishes.


The safety of surgery depends on your general health conditions at the time of surgery.

Before any surgery one has to take in consideration your present health, past health and risk factors. Then a decision is made to your specific condition.

When doing a major resection in abdominoplasty one needs to consider your blood levels, and the blood levels contained in the amount of resected area. This is true for liposuction and any other surgery.

Safety comes first.


For every height there's an ideal weight. We don't recommend body contouring procedures in obese patients. We have ways to determine the amount of skin to be removed in a Tummy Tuck. For fat removal during Liposuction, no more than 3 liters should be removed.

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