Need smaller implants to correct botched augmentation 10 yrs ago


In 2000, (25 y/o) I got 850cc implants (DD). They are uneven, hurt & look very odd, I am forced to wear baggy shirts. My skin is tight & I have no fat in my breasts. I was AA before my augmentation. Is it possible to have them removed and replaced with smaller implants or even remove them all together? Since 2000, I have had 4 women in my family (2 passed away) from breast cancer and Anthem won't cover the mammogram. Very concerned, very scared and very unsure of what to do with limited funds.


I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with the results of your surgery.  I would recommend you have a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area.


You need a thorough consultation with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY), discuss your concerns and your options, and what to expect from each option then you can make an informed decision.

The implants can be exchanged for a smaller implants that fit your measurements and size, they can be removed all together,depending on how much your skin has lost its elasticity, the doctor will be able to tell you what shape to expect.


Unfortunately, the story you tell is exceptionally common after a breast augmentation with 850 cc implants. They are just too large and stretch the tissues badly and, frequently, asymmetrically. Fixing this is very difficult since what breast tissue you did have is now quite thin and the stretched skin will not usually contract to a smaller size. You will need a breast lift in addition to the reduction in size of the breast implants. This is hard to do with "limited funds." The nice thing is that you are in a very good position since you are having trouble getting mammograms. With your breast tissue so thin, examination is usually much easier. Make sure you examine your breasts carefully (usually in the shower using soap so your fingers slide easily over the tissue) monthly looking for small nodules or lumps. (Do not do the exam more often than monthly as it is hard to recognize change if done more often.)



 Yes, you are correct. The simplest and easiest course would be to have them removed. Consider allowing your body to recover for 6 months to a year before you consider any other surgery. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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