Smoking 2 weeks before tummy tuck


I usually smoke about a pack a day but I quit yesterday and I am having a tummy tuck in 2 weeks... will I be okay?


Each surgeon will have a range that they are comfortable using.  Mine is 6 weeks before with a blood test confirm there is no nicotine in your system.  It is equally important to refrain from smoking after the surgery.


Two weeks is not nearly long enough to have stopped smoking before a tummy tuck. I require two months and would never operate with less than a month. Smoking reduces the blood supply of the tissues as does the tummy tuck itself. The combination increases your risks of complications such as loss of skin or wound breakdown by twenty (20) times. It takes at least four to six weeks for that effect to dissipate. Reschedule your surgery and use this time to quit smoking permanently, as you obviously care about your looks and smoking is the fastest way to look old and wrinkly.


Smoking & Abdominoplasty – I do not operate on patients who smoke especially on cosmetic surgery patients that have procedures that require undermining of skin such as facelifts, tummy tucks, breast reduction/mastopexy. This increases complications 10 fold. I refuse to increase the complications and risks in my patients due to smoking. I ask that my patients stop smoking for 6 weeks. I will definitely operate on the patient after that time period.

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