What are the causes for snoopy dog deformity after breast implants?


I had breast augmentation 5 years ago and I developed snoopy dog deformity on my left breast. I have finally decided to have corrective surgery. I am extremely confused about what causes snoopy dog deformity. I have seen two doctors and have been given two different answers about what causes snoopy dog deformity. I would appreciate your help.


The snoopy deformity is named after the cartoon character "Snoopy" because when viewed from the side the breast looks like Snoop's side profile.

The snoopy dog deformity occurs when breast implants are placed into a breast that needs a breast lift-when the nipple is too low, below the inframammary crease, and a lift is not done.

The implant does not drop into the proper position beneath the nipple areola but stays higher on the chest and can actually push the nipple areola further down.

When viewed from the side you see a raised mound caused by the implant (Snoopy's forehead) and the breast and nipple lower hanging off of the mound (Snoopy's nose.)

Correction involves a breast lift.

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