What is the best way to identify and assess a plastic surgeon who has a successful...


What is the best way to identify and assess a plastic surgeon who has a successful track record (satisfied patients) in minimizing nasolabial folds? What is the best procedure (dermal fillers) for this? Is a plastic surgeon preferrable to a dermatologist?


 The best way to find a plastic surgeon, is to first check his/her credentials (but since you are on this site, you have already done that).  You want to make sure that he is Board Certified and does a lot of Aesthetic Surgery.  I would also suggest looking at his before and after pictures on the web (if there are any);  even more importantly, talk to some of his patients and also to some other patients who are happy with their results from other plastic surgeons.  Lastly, you should schedule a consultation with him to be seen.  See how well you feel about him, and get a sense of his honesty and commitment to excellent patient care.  I do believe that a Plastic Surgeon is the best choice to see, as he can do other things if he feels it is warranted, where the Dermatologist can not do surgical intervention.  Dermal fillers are usually the best option, but without seeing you it would be impossible to tell if another surgical option would be better for your situation.


First you need an honest assessment of your naso-labial folds and the aging process. This will determine what will give you a better result, fillers or a facelift.

As for assessing a doctor, have a consult with a few Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.   You will then be able to make a decision and choose a surgeon who you feel most comfortable with.


The plastic surgeons who are the top providers of Juvederm can be identified on the Juvederm website. The top providers are listed in order of the amount of Juvederm they provide.

If your goal is a permanent result, instead of a temporary result that Juvderm provides, look for a plastic surgeon with significant experience and expertise with structural fat grafting

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