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I am a 55 year old female and have deep lines all around my mouth. What is the best...


I am a 55 year old female and have deep lines all around my mouth. What is the best procedure to get rid of these?


Lines around the mouth at 55 years of age are quite common. With today's technologies, we have a number of different venues which could work alone or in combination. There is no good surgical treatment for this. Non-surgical options include: Botox, in small amounts to relax the muscles, lasers to smoothen the skin and/or build collagen, and injectable fillers to "fill" the lines which is probably the most popular method at this time.


Treatment of Deep Perioral Lines – The optimal treatment is modality and one cannot really work well alone. One can use the “Lift & Fill and Resurface” technique. You can Lift the deep layers in a multiple layer facelift. You can Fill the commissures area deeply with fat. You can Resurface the deep wrinkles with a laser which will give a moderate to good improvement, but will not remove these significant deep wrinkles around the mouth, especially in the perioral area.

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