Does it sound like I have an infection?


I had my breasts done about four years ago. Incision is in my armpits. Scars look great and are barely noticeable. However, I can periodically squeeze a small amount of white, sticky discharge out of my scars and it smells AWFUL. I've noticed the smell over my deodorant and need to know if I should go back to the doctor.


I would recommend that you return to your physician for an evaluation to determine the cause and probable treatment.


I think you should see your plastic surgeon. It could be a local problem that can be dealt with very easily.




 The sweat glands in your arm pits and groin are called apocrine glands. They produce a distinct odor in each individual. By squeezing them you are stimulating this glands production. As this not related to your surgery consider a consult with your family practitioner or a dermatologist for an evaluation. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS



It sounds like you have a keratinous cyst in your scar from your auxiliary breast augmentation. This is a collection of skin cells that got trapped under the skin as the incision healed. This skin does what all skin does; it makes new skin and sheds the old. The problem is that the shed skin cannot go anywhere and builds up. If there is an opening (and there is if you can squeeze material out) then germs can get into the dead cells that fill the cyst and cause a minor infection. This causes the odor. This is easily removed. See your plastic surgeon before it gets really infected. 

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