What can I do for stubborn stomach fat?


Since high school I've lost some weight, but I still have a stomach that won't go away from working out. I spent a year in Afghanistan working out everyday and it still wouldn't go away. I am looking for a way to change how I look. I don't know if that is either removing the skin or still some left over fat or what. I have no idea what to look into.


It is impossible in this forum to give you any real advice.  However, the most common cause of residual "stomach" is lack of proper diet.  Unfortunately, all the exercise in the world will not cause you to lose the intra-abdominal fat if you are on the wrong diet.  A proper diet consists of one third protein one third fat and one third carbohydrate.  Most people's diet consists of almost entirely or the majority as carbohydrate.  By changing to this proportion, reducing the carbohydrates to as low on the glycemic scale as possible, not over cooking food, and reducing or eliminating sugar from what you eat, and doing this gradually, you can generally achieve this goal.  If you change gradually you will not yo-yo as you would if he went on a "diet."  The idea is to gradually change your tastes for what is good for you and to learn to eat less.

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