Do you have suggestions for lower eyelid surgery complications?


I had a lower eyelid surgery 13 months ago. Doctor has put filler in my cheeks 3x since then. I have been happy. 6 weeks ago, I had testosterone pellets inserted and within a week my eyes started to swell and shortly thereafter developed hard cysts/masses (multiples) along both my lower lids (near lash line). No one knows what they are. I have an appt. for a MRI in two weeks.


Having had eyelid surgery 13 months ago has no effect on your present complaint. As for the fillers in the cheeks, I do not know. I would talk with the doctor who administered the testosteron pellets, and go ahead with the MRI. A biopsy of the lumps may be helpful. I'd recommend removal of the pellets if there is any question. The manufacturing company of the pellets and the FDA may have more information.

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