Is surgery my only option to eliminate accumulated skin that has built up after an injury and post healing to my eyelid?


I grazed my eyelid by mistake over a pillow zipper.  It bled a little and healed in a few days with medication from my Ophthalmologist.  However there is now an accumulation of skin on my eyelid post healing which I need to get rid of.  My Ophthalmologist suggests that it could be keloids.  I would rather not go the surgical way if I can help it to have this corrected and the skin removed.  Please advise if there is a less drastic way to treat this or is surgery my only option.


It is difficult to answer your question because we do not know what you mean by "skin accumulation."  Keloids are very rare on the eye lids.

You should be examined by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for his/her advice.

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