Is surgery the only option to remove a breast implant that was inserted in 2009 during a breast lift procedure?


I had implants and a breast lift in 2009.  Six months later an abscess developed and I had to have one implant removed.  I was left with one implant that remained in and none on the other side.  I'm now 26 years old and have a size C left breast and size DD right breast.  I'm tired of stuffing my bra and want the implant removed.  What are my options?  I can't afford a surgery bill of $3,000 right now, but being two different sizes is taking a toll on me.  Please advise!


A simple option if you have a saline implant is to percutaneously deflate the implant and allow the skin to retract with time. Later the old implant can often be removed under a local anesthetic with or without slight sedation. If the implant is silicone it most likely will have to be removed surgically. Consider a consult with a member of the ASAPS in your area to discuss your options.


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS



Surgery is required to remove a breast implant. Often it can be done under local anesthesia which reduces the cost substantially.

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