Can anything be done surgically to help with severe enophthalmos, due to orbital fat loss?


I suffered from laceration to the right side of my face 12 years ago from a car accident, no fractures.  I'm now noticing changes in the right cheek and temple area, as if I've lost fat due to aging.  Also, my right eye is sinking back and down, making it look much different than the left. This is causing emotional stress and depression.  Can anything be done to help with these issues?  Maybe fat injections to the cheek area to even out my face, or implants in the orbital area to keep it from sinking?  Please help!


 Yes, there is hope. Fat Grafting to your face certainly sounds like it would be of assistance. The peri-occular area would require an examination and possibly an MRI or CT scan possibly with 3 D reconstruction to give you a definitive answer. Consider a consult with an ASAPS surgeon in your area to address your concerns.



Gary Culbertson, MD, FACS


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