Are therapies available that might remove/reduce a birthmark on a 60 year old female?


My wife has a large birthmark, red/blue in color at the junction of her neck and chest about 7.5 cm in length. The vessels inside it swell periodically and are sensitive to touch. Treatment with laser was attempted 15 years ago with no reduction. Are therapies available that might remove/reduce this unsightly birthmark? Should she see a plastic surgeon or a cardiovascular specialist?


 First, the exact etiology and extent of the birth mark should be determined. Often a simple test called an MRI with weighted images can be of great assistance. Next, seek out a member of the ASAPS in your area for consultation. Laser ablation may be of assistance in reducing the appearance of your wife's birth mark. Be aware that many laser treatments may be required. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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