Can a thigh lift be combined with a body lift?


I'm interested in having a lower body lift, though my surgeon has told me that it would not be possible to combine a thigh lift with a lower body lift (tummy, buttock and breasts) because of tension created by operating in that area. Is this true, or should I look for another surgeon?


 Your surgeon is correct. Often, patients will first combine a Breast Lift with a Tummy Tuck and later return for a Thigh and Buttock Lift. It is a bit easier on your body ( less stressful) and revision rates are somewhat lower when these procedures are separated. Sometimes the surgeon will even use your own tissues to accentuate or augment the buttocks area at the time of your thigh/ buttocks lift. For an example of such a patient consider this link:



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Every surgeon is different and comfortable with certain procedures. I will 2 team surgeries commonly with another plastic surgeon and perform the procedures you are interested in during one procedure and keep the procedure under the time when risks increase.  I do not believe that the tension will increase if performed together by a surgeon that commonly performs the procedures. 

Championed by Dr. Lockwood, there are (2) lower body lifts. One which incorporates the tummy, buttock and outer thighs, and one that incorporates the thigh, buttock and inner thighs together. 

I would suggest you continue to do research, possibly get a second opinion. If you are comfortable with the surgeon you consulted with, I would suggest you follow the advice given rather than trying to get the surgeon do perform the procedures differently than used to. 

good luck.

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