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Thinking of Tummy Tuck but not sure and maybe the doctor isn't the right fit?


I am considering getting tummy tuck surgery on July 25th but I need to be recover before the 30th of August. Will the swelling still be bad enough that I won't be able to wear normal clothes? The surgeon I spoke with said he'd do a procedure that left a scar near the belly button.The photographs I've seen of his work involve TTs where the scar is near the pubis. What kind of contour difference can I expect?


Actually there are a few problems with what you have suggested. First you will need at least 2 full weeks to recover from a tummy tuck and even then the wounds are not well healed for 6-8 weeks. For the first two weeks you should be up and around but no prolonged standing or sitting with your legs down and don't get your pulse or blood pressure up. There should be no bending lifting or straining. For the next 6 weeks you should avoid all core exercise and avoid any trauma. As far as the incision goes it should be very low about 7 cm above the top of your vagina and should go out across your groin into your flanks. It should be able to be covered with a bikini or panties. 


  • Thank you for your question. The following are very important:

1. You need at least 2-3 weeks to recover from Tummy Tuck

2. If only an incision around the belly button is made it is called umbilicoplasty not tummy tuck. Attempting to tighten the tummy with only an incision around the belly button ressults in visible folds and inadequate tightening.

I sincerely recommend a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon and that you cancel your surgery for now.



Your first question about the length of recovery can very depending on your health status but you will be able to wear clothing in the time frame you describe.  You may prefer more loose fitting items though.  The second point about the scar near the belly button is a little lacking in information.  At the Smart Beauty Guide a tummy tuck is clearly described.  A hip bone to hip bone scar is standard and we try to keep the scar as low as possible.

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