How do I get tight facial skin?


What procedure would be used to obtain tight skin on my face? I've been doing facial exercises for awhile now and I'm still not seeing much results. Are facial exercises suppose to work? Does something like the Face Fitness Formula actually work to lose the look of fat in my face and obtain a look of thin face? Or will I have to go under the knife and get plastic surgery done to obtain a look of a thin and tight face? I would appreciate answers. Thanks.


Tightening the skin can be done but there are many factors to consider. The type of skin you have, the degree of skin laxity, your medical history and what your goals are all considerations. We have some nonsurgical devices that do tighten the skin to some degree but surgery remains the most predictable way to achieve it and the gold standard. 

If you are looking to slim your face again a few questions. Are you overweight? Is it localized? For example, some people have fat in their necks and good overlying skin. These patients may be great candidates for liposuction of the neck which in many cases can be done in the office. 



Facelift or Skincare – The only way to truly tighten facial skin and shaping if you have sagging skin and/or fat loss is to do a facial rejuvenation procedure which would be a facelift.

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