How much time must I commit to recovery and post-operation follow up for breast augmentation surgery?


I'm currently a dental student who plans on having breast augmentation performed during my upcoming 8 week long summer break. What is the least amount of time I could leave myself to recover so I know I will be fine, returning to school in the fall?  I plan to have the procedure done in my home state of California but I go to school on the east coast.  Will this be a problem for follow ups?  I'm 23 with a small frame, 5'7" and weigh 115 pounds.  At present, I have very little breast tissue and want to have a natural C breast.


I actually perform the procedure and then see each patient within a week. If everything is fine I will see the patient in a month. If that visit is fine, I will see each patient annually.

R. Whitfield, MD


When breast augmentation is done properly, there is almost no recovery. Most patients are back to relatively normal activities (except for those that bounce the breast) within a day or two, or a week at the most. Because of the rare possibility of a problem or complication, I would suggest you have the surgery as soon as you get home. T hat will give plenty of time for follow up. You can then return for further evaluation when you are home again for breaks.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Eitht weeks is ample time for a complete recovery from breast augmentation surgery. Most women do very well from this procedure and are off pain medication by 5-7 days. You will need to modify your activity the first 2 weeks after surgery but may resume non chest related cardio beginning at 2 weeks. By 4-6 weeks you can resume your usual athletic activities as long as there is no discomfort. Energy levels return to pre-operative state by about 6 weeks. You would be able to return to school as early as 2 weeks after surgery but I would give yourself 4 weeksto be safe. Routine follow up would be at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. You can easily email and communicate with your surgeon's office by phone. Good luck and I hope this was helpful.

R.W. Kessler, MD


Recovery from breast augmentation is approximately 1 week to 10 days. After any surgery there will be some soreness of the area but, barring any problems, this will get better day to day, and most patients can resume normal day to day activities 1-2 days after surgery. You can resume gentle exercises at about 10 days and resume all activities at 3-4 weeks, providing it is not painful to do so. A follow-up with your doctor should be at around 1 week, then at 1-2 months. again at around 6 months and then a year. This gives time for the result to fully mature and for you to address any questions you may have in person.

J.M. Darrow, MD


Typical recovery after breast augmentation is about two weeks. However I see my patients at 6 weeks to check their progress. I think it would be optimal for you to be able to follow up with your surgeon for 6 weeks after surgery.


You should feel pretty good after 2 weeks and can do most things except exercise.  I see my breast augmentation patients a 3 days for a check for position.  You can manipulate the breast implants with bands at the early stage to achieve optimal symmetry.  Also, if smooth walled implants i will start the massage program.  I then see patients at 1, 3,6 weeks.  So 6 weeks is great but you can do it in less.. Good Luck

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