Is there a treatment for adverse side effects after hyaluronic acid injection?


I am desperate looking for treatment for infection and adverse side effects after hyaluronic acid injection on my face. Unfortunately the doctor who performed the procedure has not been of any help. I trusted his professionalism and  I don't know where else to go. The fillers have become hard, I start to look like I have nails inside my skin and often they break out and ooze. Everywhere I find information prior to the procedure, but NOTHING on treatment for side effects. PLEASE HELP


An injection of Hyaluronidase will break down the hyaluronic acid and may help resolve your problem.     Good luck!


The problems you mention after hyaluronic acid injection are decidedly uncommon. While complications do occur, plaque like hardening is not one of the common ones. Seek a plastic surgeon with significant experience in fillers to see if you are a candidate for hyaluronidase which can dissolve the injected product.

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