What treatment is best for me?


I have just turned 31 and I use to to weight 18 stone I have lost 10 stone. I feel it has effected my face a bit as I can see the difference on my forehead and eyes. Do you recommend Botox or Fillers? What treatment is best for me?


Although it is impossible to give any specific advice without at least a picture, I can give some general information that I hope will help. When someone, even at only 31 years old, loses half of their weight, the problems encountered are usually from too much skin that does not contract. If this is the case, only two things will help. One is filling the skin back up. If this is elected, then fat is the best filler, but may have to be done more than once. This is, however, better than redoing it regularly. The other thing that works is to remove the excess skin. This involves a facelift, blepharoplasty and/or browlift. This may need to be done even if you have fat injected. You need a consult with a plastic surgeon with significant experience in facial rejuvenation, including fat injection.

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