What is the best treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia?


Is laser surgery the way to go for treating sebaceous hyperplasia?


A variety of treatment options for sebaceous hyperplasia have been described in the medical literature, including topical chemical treatments with organic acids, cryosurgery, shave excision, cauterization, curettage with electrodessication, carbon dioxide (CO2) laser surgery, photodynamic therapy, and even oral isotretinoin.  Unfortunately, oral isotretinoin can have many side effects and often after you stop this oral medication the sebaceous hyperplasia recurs.  

Treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia is often determined by the extent of the disease process. The CO2 laser is the most expeditious, effective, costly and with often the quickest recovery period of the procedures for sebaceous hyperplasia.  Skin care maintenance can also be an important adjuvant to sebaceous hyperplasia.  For further data or information on sebaceous hyperplasia consult a Dermatologist or one of the many members of the ASAPS that specializes in skin care. 



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


Sebaceous hyperplasia treatment is a life long treatment, medical grade skin care with Retin A, CO2 laser resurfacing. and continued skin care.

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