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Any treatment for skinny legs?


I am 19 years old and in one of the great institutions in my country.  I have very skinny or if I should say, thinny legs. I always have to wear trousers to cover them up because anytime I wear a short dress, I am mocked.  Please help me out. This is really affecting my studies since I always think of what to wear to school.


We have available approved by the FDA the calf implants, made of Silicone Gel designed for legs augmentation. Not every patient is a candidate for this procedure, and not every plastic surgeon is able to perform this procedure. Other option in workout with a personal trainer to make them grow.


This is very difficult to improve to your satisfaction. Calf implants are used for this reason and can improve the look of your legs. I would suggest to go to a PS who has great experience with calf implants because this procedure has a high complication rate.  Good luck.

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