Is this a trend in the industry?


My GP has referred me for a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss breast reduction. Unfortunately, the surgeon I was referred to does not perform insurance paid breast reductions. One of the office staff said it is because the insurance companies are very difficult to work with, and that most surgeons in this area only perform the surgery if it is personally paid or financed. Is this a trend in the industry?


This is a trend we are seeing more and more of.  Insurance either does not pay enough for the procedure, is not covering it at all, or is very difficult to work with.  This trend is more on the coasts but starting to even be the case in middle America more and more.  In California, insurance just doesn't pay enough generally to make it worth doing through insurance.  This surgery usually costs about 6K and insurance is paying 1800 dollars.  The physicians that will take insurance have to make up for this loss by doing things way faster.  This tends to make for less quality in the long run.  And since plastic surgeons do not want to decrease their quality, we are trending to not take insurance becasue of the cost.  Hope this gives you a bit of insight.

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