Is it true a breast lift cannot be done after breast augmentation because of possible necrosis?


I went to have a removal and replacement of my 10 year old implants, and I went about 200cc's smaller as my breasts were getting heavy and sagging from the weight. When I was talking with my plastic surgeon pre-operatively, I asked if it was possible to lift my breasts, and he immediately said "No, that cannot be done, you'd be cutting off blood flow to the nipples and would end up with necrosis"... I was very disappointed, and I am wondering now if I should have talked to a different Plastic Surgeon.



Without the benefit of being able to examine you it makes it a little tougher to answer your question. There are certainly risks with performing a breast lift while performing either implant removal or removing and replacing implants and nipple loss is one of those risks. In the appropriate patient it can be done safely, i.e. if you have decent thickness of your overlying tissue, if you don't have a lot of pre-existing scars already around your nipple that may have altered the blood flow. If this is very important to you you might consider seeking consultation with other board-certified plastic surgeons to seek their opinion. I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards


Mastopexy after augmentation is a controversial subject amongst plastic surgeons.  Personally I will do a mastopexy after an augmentation if it has been long enough for the blood supply to heal from the augmentation.  For me that is at least 4-6 months and even better at a year.  But there are many factors involved, for which you should see a plastic surgeon for a physical exam.

Dan Mills


hi Kristien, there should not be a problem to convert an augmentation to a mastopexy alone or combined with new implant, the most common mastopexy method need a good circulation from above the areola area which is normally not affected by an augmentation procedure. anyhow precaution must be taken if the distance of the areola to be lifted too long and the quality of the skin glandular tissue envelop should be satisfactory before the lifting. to determine these two factors a consultation to a plastic surgeon is advised. good luck.

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Since this was a revision, there could have been extenuating circumstances making a lift more risky. However, if the procedure is risky at the time of breast augmentation, it will be risky later. The trick is to determine how best to reduce the risks. Most board certified plastic surgeons should be able to do this. There are some, though, that feel uncomfortable doing a breast augmentation and a breast lift at the same time, frequently because they were never taught how or are unwilling to take the extra time during surgery to do the procedure correctly. There are also many non board certified plastic surgeons doing breast augmentation who are just not trained to do both. I would suggest seeing someone else for your lift, but get a copy of your operative reports from your last two procedures to take with you.

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