Would a tummy tuck help my 20 year old C-section scar?


My youngest child was born 20 years ago by c-section which was closed with laser and to this day I have problems with the site. I have a pouch so it gets very moist even though I try to keep it dry and sometimes when I am cleaning it there is blood. It is also itchy at times. When I asked the doctor I was told to put anti-fungal cream on it but that only works for a while and then the problem comes back. There is also a bad odor. Would a tummy tuck help?



Without more information, it is impossible to really give you good advice.  However, it sounds as if you have excess skin of the abdomen that falls over your C-section scar.  If this is the case, a tummy tuck may be an ideal solution.  It would revise the scar and removed the excess skin.  If you have simply a depressed scar without significant excess skin, a scar revision may be all you need to accomplish your goals.  I suggest that you see a plastic surgeon who can evaluate the problem and advise you after a thorough examination.


Could it be intertrigo?  This is a rash in folds of skin that can develop in some individuals. Without an exam in person it is difficult to say.

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