Can a tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery be done at same time?


Can both a tummy tuck and a breast reduction procedure be done at the same time?


Yes, a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Reduction can safely be performed at the same time.  Make sure that your body will be able to tolerate these two rather extensive surgical procedures. Consider starting with your primary care or family practice physician to obtain a baseline EKG and Cardiopulmonary Clearance.  Next, make sure your surgeon has the capability to monitor you for at least 24 hours following these procedures.  If they plan to send you home after a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Reduction it may be in your best interest to consider another practitioner.  Many members of the ASAPS use what are called Critical Pathways when performing combined procedures to reduce post operative complications and improve outcomes.  

These Critical Pathways in Cosmetic Surgery are based upon years of Clinical Experience, Education, Training and Documented Evidence-Based Data/ Analysis.  An example of one such pathway developed by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) is the Pathways for the Prevention of Adverse Events in Ambulatory Surgery (2011) developed by their Patient Safety Committee.  This publication assists ASPS members in significantly reducing adverse events and unfavorable outcomes in surgery.  Most members of the ASAPS are usually members of the ASPS.  They consider patient safety as one of the most important facets of their profession.



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


While technically possible to do multiple procedures like this, there is no question that the complication rate will rise with longer surgery, particularly when combined with tummy tucks.  It is safer to have the tummy tuck performed separately and then to have the breast reduction several months later.  Remember that it is not "what we can get away with," but what is uniformly safe.  A little common sense goes a long way here.


Technically the answer is yes... but the techniques selected will have an influence on the potential complications.  Less incisions and less cutting theoretically will provide the least risks and this would include the vertical reduction technique and lipo-abdominoplasty over the traditional anchor scar and standard tummy tuck.  In the ideal world, I prefer to do one procedure first and use the second procedure as an opportunity to revise the results from the first procedure but some do not have the luxury of having two recovery periods.

Your surgeon you've chosen should be able to give you his/her experience and if you're willing to accept the risks (which can sometimes be devastating with skin loss), then it can certainly be done. 


A tummy tuck and breast reduction is a great combination of surgeries to be done at the same time.  I frequently do these together and also do liposuction of the hips and abdomen. When appropriate I will even preform liposuction of other parts of the body such as lateral back, lateral thighs, medial thighs and knees.  If the patient is in good health without any medial problems there should be no problem with this amount of surgery as long as it can be completed in less then 6-7 hours. I ask my patients to have an evaluation by their primary care physician to clear them for surgery.  While there are more risks with the longer surgery, I believe that the risks of multiple surgeries is also a problem.  There is also the problem of multiple recovery periods with multiple different procedures.

Make sure you are in the hand of a well trained and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has done a good number of these combined procedures.  Ask your surgeon exactly how long the combined procedures will take.  Also, ask to talk to patients who have had such surgery and ask to see before and after photos.


A Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction can easily be done at the same time.  The Tummy tuck should be done first to make sure that the breast position is proper.  Both are big procedures and your surgeon should make sure your health is such that you can tolerate them together.  I also insist that my patients having this combination stay overnight in the hospital.  Most go home the next morning or by the next afternoon.


Absolutely.  This combination is very common in women who have had children. It does a great job of correcting two undesirable post-partum changes.  It is also very common to perform tummy tuck and breast lift together.  Total operating time is about 6 hours, which is very safe for any healthy woman.  Many women opt for combination surgery to reduce their overall recovery time.  Discuss it with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

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