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Where can I get the tummy tuck that doesn't cost so much?


I have the "pouch" and can’t get rid of it. Where can I get the tummy tuck that doesn't cost so much?


Treatment of a lower abdominal "pooch" can be done several ways, depending upon your specific problem.  If the "pooch" is simply excess fat under relatively taut and elastic skin, then liposuction or a noninvasive fat removal such as Zerona® may be all that you require.  This is much less expensive and a full tummy tuck.  If, however, you have not only excess fat but significant excess skin, then you probably will require a tummy tuck.  It is possible to find someone to do this relatively cheaply.  However, the cost for most plastic surgeons in an accredited, thus safe, facility is about the same.  This procedure is quite complex and has significant risks associated with it.  You need to make certain that whomever is doing it is well qualified and that it will be done in a fully accredited facility.


As you have probably discovered, cosmetic surgery is relatively expensive and prices vary from surgeon to surgeon, and region to region.  The ASAPS publishes annual statistics showing average surgeon fees (plus OR & anesthesia).

The first step is an in-person evaluation by an experienced plastic surgeon.  It is possible that exercises or weight loss could help, and they could advise you.  Since you "can't get rid of it" you may need non-surgical treatment like CoolSculpting or surgical treatment ranging from liposuction to tummy tuck. 

If it need tummy tuck, the procedure costs will include the surgeon's fee, anesthesia and facility (the big things) plus post-op care, garments, dressings, possibly pain relieving pumps.  If you chose an office facility like ours, you'll find several experienced nurses and other staff to help you through the preparation and recovery.  It should be a great experience, but providing all this is costly.  I do not think you'll find a reliable safe surgeon that can do a beautiful job for an unusually low price.

Ask friends, doctors, nurses who in your area has the best reputation for quality and safety, and but yourself in good hands.


Cosmetic surgery is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure that have become extremely popular for many years because prices have become very affordable and cosmetic surgery is no longer an exclusive to the rich and famous. Most cosmetic surgery patients and average middle class America.

Cosmetic procedures are not covered by a third party, and the patient needs to pay for it in advance like shopping for your dresses, gowns and jewelry and all discretionary spending.

I am sure you can find a price at your budget needs

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