I want to know if there are different cuts for a tummy tuck that can be done, such...


I want to know if there are different cuts for a tummy tuck that can be done, such as on the left and right side of the  belly button.  Also, can a tattoo cover the scarring from this?


A tummy tuck incision is usually made very low across your lower abdomen and is hidden by underwear or a bathing suit.  It usually goes nearly hip to hip but can be shorter if there is less skin to be removed.

Dr. Suzanne A. Trott, M.D., F A C S

Suzanne A. Trott, M.D., FACS
Beverly Hills, CA


There are many possible incisions for Tummy Tuck surgery.  The choice depends on the problem to be treated.  For most patients, hiding the incision inside of modest clothing near the groin is the best place to take out excess skin, yet hide the scar. Belly Button Centered Tummy Tucks, where the skin is removed around the belly button, can result in disaster as demonstrated on that link.  Hiding the scar inside the belly button for that part of the sculpture is an art form. Check a surgeon's Belly Button Picture Galleries to see what skill he/she has with their sculpture.  Scars that extend beyond the belly button tend to look unnatural.  Minimizing scarring with better Plastic Surgery is better than needing to hide scars. Hope this helps. Michael Bermant, M.D. Board Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery


An abdominoplasty, or tummy-tuck, is usually performed with a low, bikini line incision from hip to hip.  There are instances when a shorter incision is used for a mini-abdominoplasty, and longer incisions for an extended abdominoplasty or a belt lipectomy.  Some patients may choose to camouflage their scar with a tattoo.


The scar that typically is a bit versatile depending on the styles and clothing worn is the low transverse scar.  Its position as it extends laterally over the hips can vary depending on the location preference of the patient and the deformity we are trying to correct. 

You can tattoo over any scar if you choose.


The usual incision for the tummy tuck should be curved and should be as low on the abdomen as possible.  The scar around the belly button should either be oval or triangular in shape.  I do not place incisions on the side of the belly button.  With regard to tattooing over the scars - I have had many patients that have done this either to the belly button scar or to the lower abdomen scar, or both and the scar as a result becomes almost invisible.  I would not suggest tattooing over your scar until you have cleared this with your plastic surgeon.

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