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Are the stomach muscles always repaired during a complete abdominoplasty? What would...


Are the stomach muscles always repaired during a complete abdominoplasty? What would be the point in not repairing the muscle?


Thank you for your question regarding muscle repair during full abdominoplasty. In general, a full abdominoplasty would include removal of redundant skin on the abdomen, repositioning of the umbilicus (belly button) and tightening of weakened abdominal muscles. In very rare instances, the musculature is sufficiently tight and only the sagging skin needs to be repaired. In such a rare case, I subscribe to the adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."



Almost all patients needing a Tummy Tuck suffer from both loose skin and a loose abdominal wall.  Muscle Tightening is the sculpture to the abdominal wall.  If the abdominal wall was not loose nor if there were no Diastasis Recti (stomach wall muscles spread apart), nor hernia present, then the deeper sculpture would not be needed.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, M.D. Board Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery


Most patients who undergo a tummy tuck surgery want to achieve an abdominal contour as flat as possible.  In the majority of patients who present for abdominoplasty surgery, the abdominal muscles bulge to various degrees from weight fluctuation, previous surgery, or pregnancy. Tightening the muscles will lessen bulging of the abdominal wall. There are some instances where a person has flat muscles that are tone and do not cause muscle bulging. If the muscles are flat and tone, often seen in women who have not had children or in men,  tightening of the muscles may have no affect on the outer contour and result. Another group of patients who may not need or want muscle tightening are young women who have loose skin from weight loss, yet want to have kids so that tightening the muscles at an early stage may be an unnecessary nor worthwhile part of the procedure. When you do not tighten the muscles, the operating room time is reduced and patients tend to recover faster with less discomfort and time off work. 


The muscles are usually always repaired to achieve a flat look of the abdomen.  You may not repair in a patient who still wanted the option  of having kids in the future, a patient who has a large hanging section of skin and this is the only concern.  Sometime, the core is very tight already. Good luck

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