I am considering having both a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. I am about 30...


I am considering having both a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. I am about 30 pounds overweight and am currently dieting prior to my booked date 6 weeks away. My question is should I rather lose all the weight before having the tummy tuck (which is very difficult!) or should I have the tummy tuck and see if I can lose the remaining weight after the tummy tuck?


If you are now 30 pounds over your desired weight, I would suggest that you continue to lose what you can in the 6 weeks prior to your surgery. Of course, a starvation diet is not healthy, but you can probably lose at least 10 pounds in that time period. If you do lose 10 of the 30 pounds prior to the scheduled surgery, I would go ahead with the tummy tuck and plan to continue your weight loss after the surgery. Remember, if you lose the weight you will have a much "happier" result. If you do not lose most of the 30 pounds before or after surgery, you will very likely not be pleased with your final surgery result.

Actually, many of my tummy tuck patients are concerned about extra weight prior to surgery and few are at their “ideal” weight at the time of the actual surgery. Those who do lose the extra pounds before or even after surgery are generally thrilled with their result. I always caution my patients that surgery alone will not make anyone thin and that the final result is a team effort. Both the surgeon and patient must do their part to achieve the best final result.

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