I am a 36-year old mother of two. I am planning on having a tummy tuck within the...


I am a 36-year old mother of two. I am planning on having a tummy tuck within the next two months. I have lost about 20 pounds and need to lose another 10 pounds. I was told by an associate that you normally lose additional weight after the tummy tuck surgery and I should not worry about the extra 10 pounds. Is it normal for a person to lose a little weight after the surgery and should I have the procedure without losing the additional 10 pounds?


I don't like my patients to diet down to an unmaintainable weight. Rather, I like them to make healthy changes to their diet and lifestyle and see where the weight "levels off." I feel large weight adjustments should be addressed prior to surgery.

However, the "finishing touches" (i.e. 10 pounds) are not a reason to not move forward with surgery. Losing that additional weight after surgery will only make you (and your surgeon) look better! And it may be easier to lose after the surgery takes care of the “big stuff.”



Congratulations on your children and your weight loss.

The closer you are to your goal weight, the better your results from plastic surgery will be. However, skin weighs quite a bit more than fat. Work with your primary care physician to help you determine a realistic weight based on your percentage of body fat.

M. M. Law, MD


Tummy Tuck & Weight Loss

In general, one should be within 10 pounds of your ideal body weight if you are going to have an abdominoplasty. One does not usually lose a significant amount of weight after surgery. However, it is important to change your lifestyle including a high protein diet and exercise to maintain the result long-term.

R. H. Rohrich


Having an abdominal paniculectomy, tummy tuck, is an important decision and will give great results in the well chosen patient. I always encourage my patients to lose all the weight they would like to lose before they have the surgery. Depending on the individual patient's preoperative condition, there will be more or less surgical weight loss. Being a little over weight, 10 pounds, is not a big problem but you will still get better and longer lasting results if you are at your ideal body weight.

C. W. Lentz, MD


Ideally body contouring surgery should be done when you are at your goal weight. This is more critical in people who are 20 pounds or more overweight. You will lose weight during the surgery with the removal of tissue and most people lose weight during their recovery but you don't want to count on this contributing to your final contour. Try to lose it but if you can't, I would not be concerned about the 10 pounds. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you and comment on this.

All the best.

R. W. Kessler, MD

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