Is it possible to turn a long, straight European nose into a softer, flatter Asian nose?


I have a typical European nose. Sharp, long. I want to have my nose transformed into something like this because I've always admired the aesthetic. Is this possible?


Aesthetic Rhinoplasty can change the shape and size of the nose to fit facial aesthetics and bring harmony to the face. It is very important to choose the right plastic surgeon. Discuss your cosmetic goals and desired results.


The answer is, to a degree.  The limiting factor is always the volume, character, and distribution of your skin, because no one's soft tissues have an infinite ability to shrink.  A straight nose is a particular surgical trap; my research has shown many of the worst secondary deformities occur in patients who originally had straight primary noses.

You may be able to have a different proportion or tip configuration or profile, but be careful that you do not try to exceed what your skin can safely allow, and make sure that you see a nasal surgeon experienced in nuanced changes.

Good luck.

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