Which type of surgery is best for acid mark removal on face?


During a period in my childhood I met with an accident and acid liquid drops fell on one side my face like 4 lines. Please suggest which type of skin surgery will be good to correct this.


Without examining you, it is impossible to give you any reasonable advice.  There are a number of ways to treat scars as you described.  Treatment depends on whether these are simply pigmentary abnormalities or actual scars into the dermis.  Occasionally, pigmentary abnormalities can be treated with skin care or and IPL.  On other occasions a peel or laser resurfacing is necessary.  This method can also treat some scars into the dermis.  I recommend that she see a plastic surgeon with significant experience in treating skin problems and scars.  To find such, I suggest you search for your local plastic surgery society.  They should have a list of qualified physicians.

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