Please advise me how to correct a liposuction gone wrong. I have large wrinkles...


Please advise me how to correct a liposuction gone wrong. I have large wrinkles across the tops and inner sides of my arms that were not there before my upper arm reduction procedure. I am a small thin person and have no fat for a transfer. I need them tightened. Can you please advise me of my options?


It is difficult to advise you without a proper examination and looking into the cause of the waviness.  Is it over-liposuction; is it canula marks; is it skin laxity?

All of these factors need to be considered when planning the appropriate corrective measures.

Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss your options after a complete examination.   It is impossible to advise you without an examination.


This is a difficult problem.  As volume replacement is not an option for you, skin tightening is the only other alternative.  There are no dramatic skin tightening devices on the market.  In fact most are disappointing in my opinion.  Skin excision or brachioplasty is mostlikely your best solution.  This will be a trade off of a scar for a contour irregularity.

The brachioplasty scar can be limited and placed in the shadow of the biceps.

This is a complex matter and would be best reviewed in consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

I hope this was helpful.  Good luck.


Without an examination it is difficult to comment on the best solution.  Occasionally skin reduction procedures can help.  Fat injections can also be of benefit.  Depending on the size of the contour problem, adequate stores may be available even in smaller patients to harvest for this problem.


Correction of Secondary Liposuction Problems – Optimal correction can be complex and may take multiple stages. It may require fat injections in these areas to correct these contour deformities.

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