How would I know if the wrong implants were put in when I had Breast Augmentation to correct asymmetry?


I recently had breast augmentation to correct asymmetry.  I had a 475 cc implant placed in my left breast and a 500 cc implant placed in my right breast but I have a feeling the surgeon placed the wrong implant in each side.  How do I find out for sure if this is the case?  If I am right that the surgeon put the wrong implants in, how do I bring it up to him and what can be done to fix the issue without costing me a lot?


You should have been given a card with the serial number and other identifying information about the breast implants on it at the time of surgery. This is usually filled out by the nurses as the implants are placed. This should tell you which implant was placed in which breast. If you do not have this, the only other way to find out is the operating room records. If, however, you used a physician who does the surgery in a non-certified facility, this information may not be available, though it is the standard of care among Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Your surgeon should be able to provide documentation as to which implant was put where. Keep in mind that correction of asymmetry is never perfect, and everyone is asymmetrical in some way. But if the larger implant was put into the already larger breast, then it may need to be changed.

R.A. Baxter, MD

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First of all, your surgeon will have the serial numbers and the model number of the implants that were used and the surgeon's staff can give you the numbers. I will also let you know that a 25 cc difference is not that much and often most patients or surgeons will not notice the difference of 25 cc .

If you wish the implants changed to different sizes, I might advise waiting for about one month after the surgery, to allow the implants to settle and see if the difference is that noticeable. Usually, if the difference is noticeable, the surgeon will give you a break on the price to redo the procedure.

Adrian Lo, MD



Ask your surgeon. If you are still concerned ask for a copy of you breast augmentation operative report-you are entitled to have it although you will have to sign a release requesting it.

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