Am I too young to get breast implants at the age of 14?


I am 14 years old and I have a size 32 A breast.  I am being teased because my breasts are so small.  Is there any other way besides breast implants that will make my breasts larger?  Am I too young for breast implants?


Yes, you are too young for breast implants.  I know you do not like the answer but let your breasts mature.  According to the FDA, breast implants should not be placed in a female patient under the age of 18 unless there is an issue of a breast deformity.  Please be patient and do not rush.  You have a long life ahead of you.



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


At age 14 you are still growing.  Your breasts will change until age 18-21.  You are not a candidate for surgery now.  There is no other way to increase the size of your breasts.


Generally speaking I would wait until a woman is at least 18 years old.  This is a good time between high school and college or work.  There are a few exceptions which include breast deformity.  Some women in these earlier years will develop a very large breast on one side and almost now breast on the other side.  Some women have tuberous breasts with deformity.  In these specific individual cases I will do corrective surgery so that the patient can feel normal and good about themselves in these very emotional days.

Check with one of your local board certified plastic surgeons in your community and see what they think.  At least you will have established a relationship for later.  


Since your body may still grow and change, it is not a good idea to consider enlarging your breasts at age 14.  You could consider visiting a board certified plastic surgeon with your mother at age 17 in order to plan for the procedure at age 18.  I am sorry to hear you are experiencing teasing as this can be very intense at this age.  Make sure you discuss this with your mother.  It helps to know it does not go on forever.



AGE OF BREAST IMPLANT SURGERY– One cannot get saline implants until age 18 and then one has to be age 22 for silicone gel implants. In general, unless there is a congenital breast asymmetry or absence, breast implants are not done until age 18.


PS you should not have breast augmentation until your breasts are fully developed.  In most patients this is at least 18 years of age or possibly older.  Please wait until you are finished growing and your breasts have stopped developing and then see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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