How to Talk About Breast Cancer, October 2012

Fighting cancer, any type of cancer, is a battle within itself. The shock of the diagnosis, treatment and the knowledge that it threatens your life and could possibly affect later generations can be overwhelming. A major step in starting the treatment and healing process is to get the support of your family and friends. Sharing the diagnosis with loved ones can be traumatizing for those who are both giving and receiving the hard news.

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The Nose Knows, September 2012

Some people think that because the nose job has been around for a while, it’s a simple procedure that is no big deal. But, because the nose balances out a person’s facial structure as well as provides important functions like breathing and smelling, finding a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with performing this procedure is integral.

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Workout Your Skin, August 2012

Unless you’re lucky enough to move from one air-conditioned space to another this summer, you’re likely to have had some sweat-related skin problems. Add exercise or outdoor swimming into it, and you’re headed to the land of clogged pores, breakouts and aging from the sun.

Shape Magazine has some helpful tips for exercising during the hot, sunny months where skin takes a beating, but this info can also be used all year round in warmer climates and at the gym. The main focus is to keep pores open, skin clean and SPF on whenever you’re outside.

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The Benefits of Breast Surgery, July 2012

This year marks the 50th anniversary of breast implants and we have certainly come a long way in terms of safety and reliability. Currently, both silicone and saline implants are FDA-approved by three makers: Allergan, Inc, Mentor Worldwide, LLC and Sientra, Inc. The latter being the latest one approved to offer silicone-gel implants of various shapes, textures and sizes. Having more options helps plastic surgeons and their patients make the best decisions for their particular body types and needs.

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It's Not Your Father's Plastic Surgery, June 2012

Although men made up just 9% of the overall cosmetic procedures last year, they’ve come a long way. In the past 15 years, there has been a 121% increase and the numbers are still climbing. Today’s competitive society and job market make a man’s aesthetic look an important part of his success in other part’s of his life. A recent LA Times article points to a myriad of “medical, technological, economic and societal factors” that contribute to this growing trend.

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A Basic Guide to Healthy Skin, May 2012

While your first inclination once the summer weather hits is to go outside and get some sun, you may want to think twice. Tanning, outside or in a bed, both ages the skin and leads to the most common form of cancer in over 2 million Americans: skin cancer. More than one out of three new cancers every year is skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma being the most frequently occurring. Melanoma is the most deadly with almost 120,000 new cases every year. With statistics like that, it’s best to be careful and follow some simple guidelines.

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Tuck in that Tummy, April 2012

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the layers are coming off, many of us have to face certain problem areas that were easier to hide in the winter. The abdominal area is particularly difficult because a healthy diet and exercise doesn’t necessarily equal a flat stomach. This fact has not escaped Americans across the country who are battling extra skin and fat around their waistline. According to ASAPS statistics in 2011, almost 150,000 tummy tucks were performed, making it the third most popular surgical procedure.
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Laser Treatments for All, March 2012

In a study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal last year, patients indicated that in a tough economy they were looking for less-costly nonsurgical treatments even though they wanted something that had more long-lasting effects like a facelift. As a stand-in for surgery, laser treatments are gaining in popularity because not only can they treat a myriad of skin conditions and improve your overall look, but they are less invasive than surgery and have a relatively low downtime.

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Facelift for the Long Haul, February 2012

In an article published last year in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a patient survey on facial surgery discovered that 60% of the participants felt that the duration of results from a procedure was more important than cost when deciding on a treatment. This goes against the idea that everyone is only looking for a quick fix that is less expensive.

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Healthy and Beautiful in 2012, January 2012

Cosmetic surgery can help you look as young as you feel, but how can you ensure that you are feeling as good as possible? Why not kick start the New Year with a healthy lifestyle that can manage the aging process from the inside out. Whether you are readying for a cosmetic procedure or simply maintaining your youthful looks, here are eight tips that can help you reach your goals:

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