Tummy Got You Down? April 2013

There used to be a time when women who had children looked down at their stomachs afterwards and thought “oh well, nothing I can do about that.” Likewise, men and women who lost weight and ended up with loose skin and stretched abdominal muscles also had the same problem. Instead of living with it, over 150,000 Americans last year had tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery and fixed the problem.

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Tuck in that Tummy, April 2012

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the layers are coming off, many of us have to face certain problem areas that were easier to hide in the winter. The abdominal area is particularly difficult because a healthy diet and exercise doesn’t necessarily equal a flat stomach. This fact has not escaped Americans across the country who are battling extra skin and fat around their waistline. According to ASAPS statistics in 2011, almost 150,000 tummy tucks were performed, making it the third most popular surgical procedure.
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Liposuction, December 2011

As a top procedure for both men and women,liposuction is appealing to anyone who has problem areas that are resistant to exercise and dieting. Popular areas of treatment include the buttocks, thighs, calves, love handles, back and arms. Liposuction improves body contours and provides a slimmer silhouette with a relatively low risk of complications. While there are many benefits to liposuction, patients should be careful to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle because results could be affected by weight gain, aging and lifestyle factors.

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Body Contouring, August 2011

It is the middle of August, and time to face the fact that summer will soon be over. Back to work, back to school and back to those skin tight jeans that show off every lump and bump.   Liposuction is the second-most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States, coming in right after breast-augmentation. 

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