Body Lift, Breast Reduction

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This patient had a gastric bypass and lost 150 lbs as shown in the pre-operative photos. Dr Rafizadeh Performed a total body makeover. which consisted of bilateral breast reduction, extended abdominoplasty and liposuction of chest, abdomen, flanks. This metamorphosis was done in two procedures at different times and requires perfect collaboration between doctor and patient.

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  • Breast Lift with Saline Filled Implants- Before Breast Lift with Saline Filled Implants - After
    Breast Lift

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    Breast ptosis (sagging), asymmetry. After bilateral mastopexy (breast lift) left slight...

  • Breast Augmentation- Before Breast Augmentation - After
    Breast Augmentation

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    Bilateral breast augmentation with saline filled implants

  • Breast Reduction- Before Breast Reduction - After
    Breast Reduction

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    Bilateral reduction Mammoplasty with inverted T or anchor technique. Notice the control of breast...

  • Facelift- Before Facelift - After

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    Patient post three facelifts elsewhere, still complaining of bulges in the jowls areas. Face...

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