Bargain-basement liposuction booted out of Florida

If you’re a Floridian whose bikini-clad body needs a little tweaking, you will now have a much better chance of undergoing a safe liposuction procedure.

May 9, 2012
Categories: Body Contouring News, Plastic Surgery News, Patient Safety


Silicone today, fat tomorrow; breast augmentation rocks on

Silicone breast implants, invented in 1962, soldier on. Though they provide a smooth profile, they’ve had a bumpy path. The sixties bought a clamor for them. Then, because of complications, the nineties bought a clamor against them. Of these silicone devices,, May 2012, reports, “Now they are back: bigger, safer, and more popular than ever.” In fact, the FDA recently approved a new silicone breast implant manufactured by Sientra.

May 8, 2012
Categories: Breast Surgery News, Plastic Surgery News


If you’re at the ER for stitches, ask for the plastic surgeon on call

Acne, burns, dog bites, falls, surgery and other such miserable events are not only traumatic to experience but, to add insult to injury, leave their marks in the forms of scars. You may be able to live with a scar on your knee, but even boxers dislike facial scars. The May 2012 issue of Allure enlists experts from different specialties to provide you with the most effective tools to disguise,improve and prevent facial scars.

May 2, 2012
Categories: Facial Aesthetic Surgery News, Plastic Surgery News, Patient Safety


Brazilians now enjoy a tax break for plastic surgery procedures

First we reported that low-income people in Brazil were receiving free plastic surgery, and now it seems like even the wealthy in the nation can receive a break when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

May 1, 2012
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