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The genes you inherit from your mother have an impact on your skin quality.

Study: If you've got wrinkles, thank Mom

Have you ever wondered why some people get wrinkles at a young age and others don't?

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September 12, 2013
If lotions don't do the trick, consider cosmetic medicine.

Handy tips to keep your hands looking youthful

When people talk about the first signs of aging they noticed, they typically say they were shocked to see new wrinkles forming on their face.

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Anti-Aging News, Plastic Surgery News, Skin Procedures News
September 10, 2013
Do your water-drinking habits affect the wrinkles on your face?

New wrinkle worry identified: Water bottle mouth

Facial wrinkles occur because people lose skin elasticity as they age, but there are also habits that can contribute to premature signs of aging.

Categories: Plastic Surgery News, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Facial Aesthetic Surgery News, Dermal Fillers, Cosmetic Medicine News, Anti-Aging News, Age/Gender Issues, Skin Procedures News
August 22, 2013
The way to plump up your buttocks is with your wallet.

Some men refuse to accept "pancake butt" sitting down

Jeff Vickers, owner of a construction company, told the New York Times that he had plastic surgery because he had “a nonexistent butt.”

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Body Contouring News, Lifestyle, Fitness, Plastic Surgery News
August 7, 2013


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