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Couples opting for plastic surgeries together

Couples opting for plastic surgeries together

Is it true that a couple that undergoes plastic surgery together, stays together?

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Plastic Surgery News
December 9, 2011
Cosmetic procedures have become personal “maintenance.”

Generation X tops baby boomers in cosmetic procedures

First, who is Generation X? They are adults between the ages of 31 and 45. This is the age of becoming something, otherwise known as living in a pressure cooker.

Categories: Age/Gender Issues
December 8, 2011
figures are between a rock and a hard place.

What’s more interesting, plastic surgery or politics?

Budget deficit worries can fade away when we’re absorbed in figuring out whether or not a political figure has had a facelift. Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNBC, October 28th, 2011 to talk about a 1.25 trillion budget cut. But the response she got was a whole lot of conjecture about what she had done to her face. The Washington Times interviewed a plastic surgeon who said, “A woman her age shouldn’t look that good. It appears that she has had a good amount of surgery.”

Categories: Age/Gender Issues
November 15, 2011
Generation X may help fuel anti-aging industry

Generation X may help fuel anti-aging industry

While much attention is given to the Baby Boom Generation - the 78 million people born between the years of 1946 and 1964 - with respect to cosmetic surgeries, the next generation may actually help fuel the anti-aging industry in the years ahead.

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Cosmetic Medicine News, Dermal Fillers, Injectables
October 26, 2011
How do you feel about aging?

How do you feel about aging?

Aging is unavoidable. However, how people deal with the changes they see in their appearance as they age and how they view the aging process varies widely.

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Anti-Aging News, Psychological Issues
October 24, 2011

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