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Lipoplasty and eyelid surgery are the most popular surgical procedures for men.

Male plastic surgery: Vanity, thy name used to be “woman”

There was a time when men were allowed to age gracefully and CEOs had grey hair.  Now men are competing with 20-something entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and trying to live up to the “six pack” ideal of male attractiveness and masculinity. 

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Anti-Aging News
April 23, 2012
Products with mercury have been found in seven states.

Mercury found in anti-aging products manufactured abroad

Choose your face creams cautiously. The FDA has issued a warning that some face creams manufactured abroad and sold in the United States illegally contain mercury.

Categories: Anti-Aging News, Skin Procedures News
April 18, 2012
Putting a sexy foot forward in the workplace

Young women contemplate plastic surgery to keep their edge in the corporate world

It is still a corporate “no-no”, or at least politically incorrect, to openly acknowledge the role that beauty plays in the work situation.

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Anti-Aging News
April 16, 2012
Can makeup be harmful for the skin?

Can makeup be harmful for the skin?

For most women, makeup is a daily part of life – like brushing your teeth and styling your hair.

Categories: Anti-Aging News, Patient Safety, Skin Procedures News
April 13, 2012
Think twice about drinking out of bottles and chewing gum.

Injectables, Creams and Cost-Free Anti-Aging Tricks

The quest for a younger face makes the world turn.

Categories: Anti-Aging News, Cosmetic Medicine News, Injectables, Skin Procedures News
April 5, 2012

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