Chin implants amp up plastic surgery statistics

April 25, 2012

Loose skin under the jawline can be improved with chin augmentation.
Loose skin under the jawline can be improved with chin augmentation.

Men have always masked a weak chin with a beard. A strong steel-like jaw is associated with male strength and integrity. But, of late, weak-chinned women are seeking their own solution. Instead of growing beards they’re undergoing chin augmentation. George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston may be “chinspiration” for this growing trend.

According to the Today show, “Chin implants increased 71 percent between 2010 and 2011, outdoing breast augmentation, liposuction and even Botox, according to new statistics released by American Society of Plastic Surgeons.”

Why has this become so popular? The Today show speculates that the rise of webcams has made people more self-conscious about how they look as they check out their own image during video-conferencing. Chatting on Skype, your IPhone or during a videoconference, your head is tilted down, which may cause your chin to double up and your neck to wrinkle. This less than flattering view of your own image, which makes a weak chin weaker, may trouble you. Even if you ignore aesthetics, this is not the image of strength, confidence, leadership and authority that you want to bring to your videoconference.

This notion of a sculptured jaw has now filtered down to women who are unhappy with their own webcam image, especially in profile.

Then there’s Facebook. A Manhattan plastic surgeon interviewed by Today performs chin augmentation frequently. He remarks, “You can be at a wedding at the buffet table and a moment later see pictures of your double chin on Facebook.”

But he also thinks age is a major factor driving chin augmentation. “The biggest jump was in people over 40, which is the point where people are bridging the gap between youthfulness and middle age. They’re getting loose skin under the jaw line and a chin implant can make an immediate improvement. This is the kind of operation that whispers; it doesn’t shout – it makes people look better.”

A chin implant takes about 45 minutes. Following this surgery, which costs between $4500 and $7500, you can return to work in about 3 days. The procedure is reversible and complications may include numbness, infection and bleeding.

If you’re interested in chin augmentation, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recommends that you consult with a board-certified specialist who has had experience in performing this procedure and operates out of a hospital or accredited office-based facility. 

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