Handy tips to keep your hands looking youthful

September 10, 2013

If lotions don't do the trick, consider cosmetic medicine.
If lotions don't do the trick, consider cosmetic medicine.

When people talk about the first signs of aging they noticed, they typically say they were shocked to see new wrinkles forming on their face. However, if you spend time scrutinizing your hands, you may find that they have visible wrinkles and sunspots long before any other part of the body. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your hands stay youthful as long as possible. The Huffington Post recently interviewed a California-based physician to get some advice on how to keep those paws looking nice and healthy.

Lotions, creams and the like
If you want to avoid looking wrinkly, early prevention is the name of the game. It's best to start caring for the skin on your hands before wrinkles and blemishes show up. According to the dermatologist, most people won't see signs of aging on their hands until they reach their 30s or 40s, which means the time to begin applying lotions and other beauty products to your fingers and palms is the mid-20s.

Moisturizers and thick hand creams can be a big help, especially if you apply them overnight. If you are a frequent sufferer of hand dermatitis, which causes the skin to redden and crack, it may be best to avoid submerging your hands in water for too long. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations on products or medicines that can help improve the quality of the skin on your hands.

Cosmetic procedures
If you've already noticed some signs of aging on your hands, all hope is not lost. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are cosmetic options that can help restore the youthful appearance of the hands. Hand rejuvenation can remove sun spots and other blemishes on the skin, as well as fill in spots that have lost volume.

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