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Add these terms to your plastic surgery glossary.

Terms to add to your plastic surgery glossary

If you're in the early stages of planning a plastic surgery procedure, you've likely come across a few terms that have made you stop and scratch your head.

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July 11, 2013
Botox injections should only be administered by board-certified plastic surgeons.

Botox conman's sentence extended after more victims come forward

Despite the fact that stories about dangerous back-alley Botox injections are so common, they continue to crop up in the news. A recent case out of Australia will remind plastic surgery patients why it's essential to have a board-certified plastic surgeon perform any and all procedures you are considering. The story also shows why it can be dangerous to travel overseas for cosmetic surgery, a trend known as "medical tourism."

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July 2, 2013
Save money on your anti-aging products.

How you can save on beauty products

Lotions, scrubs, moisturizers and sunscreen - taking care of your skin can be costly! It seems that beauty products are always getting more expensive, even if their lists of ingredients have remained largely unchanged.

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June 26, 2013
Where does a beauty treatment stop and the practice of medicine begin?

Putting the medical end of your medispa under the microscope

If you think that ‘medical’ and ‘spa’ do not go together like coffee and donuts, you’re not alone.

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June 17, 2013


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